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Figure 1: GNU Emacs log © Luis Fernandes

Believes in …

I believe in Linux and I am an "Emacsite", that means a member of the Church of Emacs, the church of the only true instrument of worship.

Since leaving the Church of Bill Gates in the lauded year 2000 – after years of NT-Emacs ongoing missionary work in this grim congregation – I feel free and spiritually enlightened. For the Saint of the Church of Emacs St IGNUcius teaches us that the only true name of Linux is patent ly GNU/Linux and that we should lead a pure life in the spirit of FOSS, free and open source.

Sainthood requires in the Church of Emacs: Not putting any non-free software on our computers. I, myself, am longing to achieve sainthood as well. Alas, it seems that I am only too human: I feel tempted by sinful, commercial programs. And, probably even worse, instead of continuously praising our Saint with recitations of the longest Emacs key-bindings I could not resist using vim, the offspring of that vile Cult of VI instead of rendering homage to Emacs' own viper-mode.

Now, as a cure of my heartfelt remorse I am maintaining my own Emacs mode named ANSYS-Mode for the FEA suite ANSYS under the gospel of the faith – the GPL , blessed be thy name.

All this is stated in the hope of redeeming my sins and as a very humble contribution in strengthening our Church and the belief in GNU/Linux. (Lately, to my great relief I caught a consoling utterance of our Saint: "In the Church of Emacs using a free version of VI is not a sin, it's a penance.")

May GNU be with you!


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Here are some more obscure, mythological avatars which I – all the same – found to be supportive of my beliefs: (Please click onto the icons for further directions.)

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And – admittedly – this incarnation of "Do no …": google_logo.png

Author: H. Dieter Wilhelm (dieter@duenenhof-wilhelm.de)

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